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  • Obese?
    It's not a disease. There's a way out.
  • Problems?
    Don't worry, Feel free to ask help
  • Feeling Dull?
    Could be Thyroid
  • Diabetes?
    Managing diabetes is an art
  • Unwanted Hair?
    Guess what? Worry not. It is treatable.


Are you feeling dull or hyperactive? There is no harm in checking your thyroid out. Most often it is a simple fix.


There was a time when diabetes was a killer. But with lifestyle modifications, this is not the case anymore.


Most of us worry about fat & cholesterol. Did you know hormones play a major role in obesity? And it is correctable?

Sexual Health

For men and women, the problems are varied and different. Feel free to talk to the doctor to know better.

Unwanted Hair

People throng Spa's looking for a remedy. Correct your hormones and the problem never occurs in the first place

LifeTree Diagnostics

We custom-made diagnostic procedures tailored for specific hormonal assays catering to our specialised needs.

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